American Star Education (ASE) is a full-service educational consulting company. Our experts are versed in all aspects of international study. Our primary mission is to connect top-performing Chinese students with excellent high schools and universities in the United States. The key strategic advantage that ASE holds is its research-based and systematic approach to college preparation and placement.

Chinese people are proud of the factors that they have excellent educational pioneers such as Confucius, and have an educational practice of more than two thousand years. In the traditional Chinese society, the well-educated people become the elite stratum, who in a great degree dominated the leadership in politics, culture and economic development. Therefore, some related public beliefs were formed, such as “Everything is inferior, only education is superior.”, “Well-educated ones should be leaders.” These kinds of beliefs are still strongly affecting many peoples’ educational goals. Inevitably, some improper educational ideals and practice emerged, such as arming Gaokao as the only educational orientation. Scores are more important than anything else. Many children are overloaded with burden which is incomparable with their weak shoulder. Many children are carrying a sorrow heart cursed by testing scores. Under such educational modal, we do not know how many young people have a depressed personality. We also do not know how many young people have a twisted feeling about their education.

In USA, the educational model is developed according to scientific research outcomes in fields including, humane studies, educational methodology, psychology, and so on. “Differentiated Instruction” is an ideal which was first proposed by Confucius, is now widely practiced in US schools.

According to the theory of educational psychology, each person prefers different learning styles and techniques. The seven learning styles are: visual (spatial), aural (auditory-musical), verbal (linguistic), physical (kinesthetic), logical (mathematical), social (interpersonal), and solitary (intrapersonal).

Learning styles group common ways that people learn. Everyone has a mix of learning styles. Some people may find that they have a dominant style of learning, with far less use of the other styles. Others may find that they use different styles in different circumstances. There is no right mix. Nor are your styles fixed. You can develop ability in less dominant styles, as well as further develop styles that you already use well.

In schools of USA, teachers are required to recognize and understand students’ learning styles and use techniques better suited to students, so that to improves the speed and quality of their learning.

Therefore, schools of USA use small class teaching method to meet all students learning requirements. It is normal that most classes in China have more than 50 students. However, in USA, a class with more than 37 is not allowed.

We recognize that the Chinese university system does not have the capacity to meet its own domestic demand. Our programs are designed to help those Chinese students who have the desire and financial capacity to continue their education in the United States.

ASE works with families in China as well as with agents in identifying those students who are seeking direct placement into universities in the United States. There are nearly 34,000 private schools and nearly 3,000 public and private four- year colleges and universities in the United States. Most of these schools are unfamiliar even to most families here in the United States; for Chinese students, the challenge is even greater. ASE consultants are experts in their respective fields and have a proven method for identifying the schools that best match the strengths and needs of our Chinese clients.

We provide our students with a complete picture of their options, but beyond that, we provide the schools to which our students are applying with the evidence that our applicants meet their admission criteria. There are many agents who attempt to place students by providing incomplete or inaccurate information. ASE has developed its network and reputation on integrity, accuracy, knowledge and execution.

Our proven system has led our clients to find acceptance to the following four-year universities:

Augusta State University
Auburn University
Baylor University
Belmont University
Barry University
Berry College
Birmingham-Southern College
Charleston Southern University
Columbus State University
Columbia University
Cornell University
Emory University
Florida College
Florida State University
Gainesville State College
The George Washington University
Georgia College and State University
Georgia Institute of Technology
Georgia Southern University
Georgia State University
Harvard University
Johns Hopkins University
Kennesaw State University
University of Kentucky
University of North Carolina-Asheville
University of North Carolina-Greensboro
University of North Carolina-Wilmington
University of South Florida
University of Tennessee
Mercer University
Michigan State University
Middle Tennessee State University
North Carolina State University
North Georgia College and State University Northwestern University
Oglethorpe University
The Ohio State University
Princeton University
Purdue University
Savannah College of Art and Design
Stanford University
State University of West Georgia
Technical College
Syracuse University
Texas A & M University
Texas Christian University
Trinity College
Towson University
University of Alabama
University of Arkansas
University of California—Santa Barbara
University of Georgia
University of Washington
Vanderbilt University
Valdosta State University
Virginia Commonwealth University
Western Carolina University

We also help Chinese high school or middle school students to place in our collaborated private high schools or middle schools in Georgia.
1) Friendship Christian School
2) Darlington School
3) Tallulah Falls School
4) Greater Atlanta Christian School
5) Riverside Military Academy (For boys only)
6) Fulton Science Academy
7) King’s Ridge Christian School
8) Fellowship Christian School
9) Raburn Gap-Nacoochee School
10) Brandon Hall School
11) Advanced Academy Georgia

ASE also has cooperative strategies with some excellent high schools and middle schools in other state. They are listed as follows.
1) Collegiate School (NYC)
2) Brearley School (NYC, For Girls only)
3) Chapin School
4) University of Chicago Lab Schools (IL)
5) Polytechnic school (LA, CA)
6) College Preparatory School (Oakland, CA)
7) Trinity School (NYC)
8) Phillips Academy (MA)
9) Delbarton School (NJ)
10) Phillips Exeter Academy

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