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American Star Education (ASE) is a full-service educational company. It was founded by a group of educational experts in Unite States. Some of us had worked as high school principal for more than ten years. Some of us worked as chief counselor and graduation coach for many years. Some of us taught SAT for many years. Our experts are versed in all aspects of international education. Our primary mission is to connect top-performing Chinese students with excellent high schools and universities in the United States. The key strategic advantage that ASE holds is its research-based and systematic approach to college preparation and placement.

ASE works with families in China as well as with agents in identifying those students who are seeking direct placement into universities in the United States. There are nearly 34,000 private schools and nearly 3,000 public and private four- year colleges and universities in the United States. Most of these schools are unfamiliar even to most families here in the United States; for Chinese students, the challenge is even greater. ASE consultants are experts in their respective fields and have a proven method for identifying the schools that best match the strengths and needs of our Chinese clients.

​​We provide our students with a complete picture of their options, but beyond that, we provide the schools to which our students are applying with the evidence that our applicants meet their admission criteria. There are many agents who attempt to place students by providing incomplete or inaccurate information. ASE has developed its network and reputation on integrity, accuracy, knowledge and execution.


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1650 Aurelia Dr.
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Phone: 678-997-0181

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Contact: Mr. Sun

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