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Student Exchange

International Student Exchange Program

1. This program gives opportunities for students to have hands-on experience and knowledge about other countries’ culture, traditions, social life, and economic development. Students may learn different learning methods and styles from each other. For US students, it may be interesting to know how Chinese students can learn effectively in a classroom with 60 or more students, regarding a 35-student-class is considered to be very big in US. For Chinese students, it may be interesting to know how US students can manage their time in community involvements, social life, sports, entertainments, and so on, without negative affection to their academic learning.

2. This program gives opportunities for students to improve their leadership and interpersonal abilities. A leader should have better interpersonal ability than others, and know how to work out with people of different races, nationalities and cultures. In this program, students will meet many people and make friends in another country, including their counterparts and adults. Students will have opportunities to see the leadership samples from their outstanding counterparts.

3. In the 21st century, the world’s economy strongly depends on the economic development of these two counties. Students in this program may get better view about the other counties economic situation and opportunities. This program opens a wider door to students for their future educational decisions and professional options.

4. This program is affordable and it is running in the summer break when students have fun and learn something different from what learned in school years. What an opportunity it is.